Adult Ministries

The Sunday school ministry of Temple Baptist Church is designed to connect you with a class that is relevant to your current stage of life.
With many adult Bible classes to choose from, you are sure to find a teacher and class members who will help you get connected. Our adult Bible classes begin at 10:00 AM.

Adult Bible Classes


Connected Couples is a class designed for our young adult couples. We hope that this class will help bring couples closer to each other and closer to God.

 Teacher: Chris Lee

Ages: Couples 18-35

Room: second floor of the auditorium building, room 26


Cornerstone couples class is a class designed for middle- aged couples. This class is focused on helping couples grow closer to God and growing closer to each other.

 Teacher: Gabe Porter

Ages: Couples 35-50

Room: fellowship hall building, room 5


If you are a single young adult, this class is for you! Join Single Purpose on Sunday mornings for Bible study and fellowship.

Teacher: Scott Strait, Sr.

Ages: single, young adults

Room: the second floor of the auditorium building; room 19




This class is for all new members. Join our pastor as he teaches a seven-week course.

Teacher: Pastor Crane

Ages: Adults of all ages

Room: the second floor of the auditorium building; room 21


At Temple, the Word of God is the source for every answer to every question. Forrest and Mary Waldrop have used these answers to provide a strong foundation of truth for the members of their class. Along with a warm family atmosphere, this foundation encourages members to develop their own relationship with the Bible and Its God.

Teacher: Forrest Waldrop

Ages: Adults of all ages

Room: the first floor of the auditorium building; auditorium



Bro. Thompson has a desire to help Christians grow in their faith and in their relationship with the Word of God.

Teacher: Aaron Thompson

Ages: 60 years and better

Room: the first floor of the auditorium building; room 8


WOW- Women of the Word

This ladies class is for any ladies who want a closer relationship with God through Bible study.

Teacher: Valerie Crane

Ages: Ladies of any age

Room: the Cuendet Hall building (cafeteria); room 6

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